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Outback Encounter is an exceptionally meticulous travel company, providing specialised hand crafted itineraries focussing on undiscovered private destinations throughout the Outback and Wilderness of Australia and we now extend our attention to the carbon footprint of our company and the people who travel with us.

From the rugged natural beauty of the Kimberley, one of the last true wildernesses left on Earth, to Australia's unique plants and animals, the pristine beaches and private Islands along the Great Barrier Reef and everything in between, the continent is subject to the threat of climate change. We all need to act together to preserve what we have for future generations.

Each staff member at Outback Encounter is committed to managing and minimising our CO2 emissions. We have undertaken a carbon emissions reduction plan where we offset 100% of the emissions that we can't avoid producing. We have offset the emissions produced at our office site since 1 July 2007 as a priority ahead of implementing our 100% Carbon Offset program.

Outback Encounter knows that discerning travellers value the natural environment. This is why when you purchase your Australian Journey, Outback Encounter will calculate the amount of CO2 produced as you travel within Australia. This will then be converted into a percentage of the total cost of your journey.

The calculation is as personalised as your itinerary, with attention to all of the components of your journey as arranged by us. In essence your carbon offset has been hand crafted with the same attention to detail as your Australian Journey.
The carbon footprint of your hand crafted journey will be incorporated in your quote. By taking up this option you can be assured that your Australian Journey with Outback Encounter will be '100% Carbon Offset'.

'100% Carbon Offset' means that the carbon emissions you make have been assessed using the Australian Government's standards and that an equivalent amount of CO2 has been offset through a legally registered tree-planting program in Australia facilitated by Greening Australia.


From 6 July 2009, with the assistance of Canopy and Greening Australia, Outback Encounter will be able to calculate the amount of CO2 produced during your travel within Australia as arranged by us.

There are various components comprising your journey with Outback Encounter, including accommodation, tours, transfers, car hire, travel and merchandise. Outback Encounter have worked together with Canopy, one of Australia's most respected not for profit environmental organisations, to assess in detail the CO2 produced by our suppliers in delivering these components.

All calculations are based on your personal journey using government-approved measurement systems. In essence your carbon offset has been Hand Crafted with the same level of attention to detail as your Australian Journey. We understand that travel arrangements do change, and you can be assured that the calculation of the CO2 emissions produced will vary accordingly.

This will then be converted into a percentage of the total cost of your journey, and included in the quote for your proposed itinerary. It remains your choice whether you choose to offset the emissions resulting from your journey.

To absorb the CO2 emissions produced as a result of your Australian journey, Canopy will arrange for Australia's largest environmental group Greening Australia to plant native trees to form the Outback Encounter Forest.

Outback Encounter and Canopy worked together for over 18 months to develop our '100% Carbon Offset' program, to ensure its accuracy and integrity. Canopy is one of Australia's longest-running offset providers, whose clients include the South Australian Government, Mitsubishi Motors Australia, Lexus and the Commonwealth Bank.
Your offset will be facilitated, monitored and registered by Canopy in compliance with the Forest Property Act 2006 of the State Government of South Australia.

Outback Encounter's '100% Carbon Offset' is a not-for-profit program, with Outback Encounter not receiving any proceeds from this initiative.

For specific details on how we calculate the amount of CO2 produced as you travel within Australia, view this link.


When you purchase your Australian Journey with Outback Encounter, you will be offered the opportunity for your Australian Journey to become '100% Carbon Offset'.

Your contribution will be calculated to cover the cost of planting trees that will offset carbon dioxide emissions from your Journey. All trees planted as a result of your choice to offset your Australian Journey have a survival guarantee and are legally registered on the land title to protect them in perpetuity, even if the land is sold. They can never be removed.
The plantings will link up with uncleared woodland and help repair landscapes, promote biodiversity, provide habitat and redress problems such as soil salinity. All Canopy plantings comply with the Australian Commonwealth Government's "Greenhouse Friendly" guidelines.

Your carbon offset contribution will be calculated to cover Canopy's costs to plant trees that will offset carbon dioxide emissions from your Journey. On your arrival in Australia, you will receive:

*A certificate of cover, which outlines the amount of carbon dioxide that Canopy has undertaken to 'lock up' in trees for you.
*You will receive the longitude and latitude of the location of where your trees have been planted and a link to this through Google Earth.
*Peace of mind and the knowledge that your decision means a personal and positive contribution to the environment.

The trees will be planted and maintained by The Canopy Project (Canopy), who together with Greening Australia, will handle every aspect of the Outback Encounter '100% Carbon Offset' including:

* planning
* contract
* compliance
* carbon dioxide monitoring
* tree care

The first Outback Encounter Forest has been planted on the farm of Mr & Mrs Candy in the Langhorne Creek region of South Australia.

In recognition of your contribution to the Outback Encounter Forest your Certificate of Authenticity will show the amount of carbon dioxide that Canopy has undertaken to offset on your behalf.
You will receive the latitude and longitude of the location of where your trees will be planted to enable you to monitor their progress through Google Earth. We will also provide regular updates and photographs on the Outback Encounter Forest on our website.


* What does it mean to offset carbon emissions?
It means that enough land is planted to absorb, over time, the amount of CO2 you have created.

* How does my particular carbon offset reduce global warming?
It removes the CO2 that you put into the atmosphere. Reafforestation is a major force in the battle against climate change. Accepting personal responsibility for our actions will bring change.

* Do I have to pay GST on my donation?
No GST is payable.

* Is my donation tax deductable?
Under Australian Taxation Office regulations, donations are deductible on earnings in Australia.

* What is the average carbon emission when flying from Sydney to Melbourne on a 747 aircraft?
It adds up to 0.37 tonnes CO2e (Business or First Class).

* What other actions can I take in my life to offset carbon emissions?
First, avoid making emissions through energy efficiency. Then take up renewable energy, re-use and recycle where possible. As a final resort, offset the emissions that you cannot avoid making.

* Can I contribute more to the program than what is required for my Australian Journey with Outback Encounter?
Yes. So many people choose Canopy to take such voluntary action that over 31,000 tonnes of CO2 have been offset. Whatever you donate will be used to grow Australian native trees.

* How can I be sure that the emission volume attributable to my Australian Journey is correct?
The data sets that underpin the calculations were provided by the Australian government Department of Climate Change. They have been developed and checked by Outback Encounter staff, Canopy staff and environmental statistician Dr Andrew Lothian of Environmental Policy solutions.

* What is the cost to offset 1 ton of CO2?
This would be $30 Australian.

* How many trees are required to sequester 1 ton of CO2?
It depends on the size that the tree will grow to. Some large trees will hold over 20 tonnes of CO2. Some will hold only a few hundred kilograms.

* Isn't CO2 returned to the atmosphere when trees are burned and when they die and decay?
Yes, that is why we recreate biodiverse woodlands. We take degraded farmland, replant the vegetation communities that once grew there and protect the planting. It becomes, in time, a self-sustaining forest in which trees do die but are naturally replaced. This is called a carbon sink. The vegetation in the Outback Encounter Forest is fire-adapted with large root systems. Australian forests like this regenerate well following fire; in some cases, fire is essential to germination.

* What types of plants do you plant?
We plant eucalypts, acacias, melaleucas and a range of understorey shrubs. A typical planting might have 20 species.

* Where do you plant the trees?
We plant in South Australia, usually in the Adelaide Hills, the Mallee country or near the Murray River.

* How do you choose the locations to plant your trees?
We seek areas where a new forest will enable biodiversity corridors to establish. People also offer land for planting if it is not useful for other purposes.

* Can I choose where or in what region I would like 'my' trees to be planted?
No. The Outback Encounter Forest is located at Langhorne Creek and a new one will be started when the current one is full.

* Can I offer my land for you to plant trees on?
Yes. Please ask Outback Encounter via Email or by phone, +61 8 8354 4405, or visit Canopy's website.

Kirsty Siekmann
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