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Eyre Peninsula


If you want a holiday without the holiday crowds, head to the Eyre Peninsula and find out what the rest of the pack is missing out on. With more than 2,000 kilometres of coastline, you get as much space to yourself as you need. Along this coastal expanse, you'll see sheltered coves and bays that are perfect for fishing, secluded beaches, and stunning cliff faces that provide the perfect vantage point for spotting giant whales as they undertake their annual migration through the Southern Ocean.

The Eyre Peninsula is also home to national parks, ancient caves, and the Nullarbor - the vast, treeless plain that has fascinated anyone with an explorer's spirit, ever since the area was discovered. There's also charming seaside accommodation and mouthwatering local seafood - so there's no shortage of creature comforts.

Go on journey with Australian Coastal Safaris and dive in our seas to discover the wildlife and landscapes of the Eyre Peninsula. It's home to many endangered species and some of the most interactive wildlife experiences you could imagine - from swimming with playful sea-lions to diving with Great White Sharks.

Swim with sea-lions off the pristine waters of Baird Bay on the far west coast - it's the swim of a lifetime. You'll be amazed at how friendly and playful these creatures are. Slip into the water with them - your snorkelling equipment is supplied - and watch as they swiftly swim around you. The doe-eyed sea-lions almost seem to invite you to play. Or snorkel among giant cuttlefish off Whyalla, and watch as these chameleons of the sea quickly change colour to blend with their environment. The amazing natural phenomenon occurs from May to August.

The Eyre Peninsula produces more than 60 per cent of South Australia's seafood and is home to Australia's Seafood and Aquaculture Trail. If you're a fan of all things fishy, you'll love it here. Even the EP's major events revolve around seafood - there's the Tunarama Festival, Ceduna Oysterfest, Fishy Fringe and more. Team this up with fine dining, magnificent coastal views and sandy beaches, and you've got the perfect place for seafood lovers.

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