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Faraway Bay


Exclusive only to Outback Encounter is the opportunity to experience six days in this remote hideaway for the price of five, when you book and deposit prior to the end of March 2010.

This is a one off offer for the 2010 season, and will not be repeated. So be quick and immerse yourself in the pristine wilderness of Faraway Bay.

Faraway Bay is perched on the upper lip of the Australian continent in the Kimberley Ranges. This rustic coastal hideaway is a diamond in the rough.

One of the best day trips has to be a boat trip out to the magnificent twin drops of the King George Falls. Straight after the wet season the flow of water from the falls is awe inspiring and a magnet for a multide of local wildlife including Hawksbill turtles, prolific birdlife and the ever present inhabitant - saltwater crocodiles.

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